And finally… side receiver

And finally... side receiver

An NFL quarterback made a construction worker’s day when he threw him a football in the middle of a training session.

Arizona Cardinals star Kyler Murray, who is gearing up for next season after suffering a torn ACL in 2022, posted a Tik Tok video of the interaction on Sunday.

“The crew got distracted,” he wrote over the video, which showed a group of construction workers pausing to watch the quarterback train.

Murray then threw the ball to one of the men, clad in high-vis construction gear, standing on the bleachers.

“Hell yeah,” he said, before walking over to the fan.

“Sorry my hands are a little dirty, I want to shake your hand so bad brother,” the man, who identified himself as JD, said.

“Sup bro,” the 26-year-old athlete said, as JD responded, “damn brother I’m shaking”.

Murray gave him a fist bump, before the two posed for a snap.

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