And finally… sky’s the limit

And finally... sky's the limit

Paris has lowered its height limit for new buildings in the city in an attempt to preserve the skyline.

The city council has endorsed a height limit of 37m for new construction across Paris as part of a long-term “bioclimatic” plan to deal with temperature rises and a shortage of housing.

The new limit revives a 37m maximum that was put in place in 1977 in reaction to anger over the Montparnasse tower, the 210m skyscraper that opened in the middle of the Left Bank in 1973.

The trigger for the new law has been Le Triangle, a 48-floor glass-clad pyramid under construction in the southern Left Bank, The Times reports.

Work began in 2021 on the 180m tower with a trapezoid base in the exhibition park of Porte de Versailles after 13 years of delays as opponents fought to block it. Le Triangle is perceived by critics as a replay of the Montparnasse tower situation.

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