And finally… stroke of genius

Paintings by a former labourer with a secret artistic talent are set to go on exhibition three years after he passed away.

And finally... stroke of genius

Family members only discovered the extent of Eric Tucker’s work after he died in 2018 and they discovered more than 400 paintings in his home, many of them portraying working-class life in northern England.

The self-taught artist from Warrington was 86 when he died and his paintings received no recognition in his life.

However, his works are now being exhibited publicly and sold for the first time at two of London’s leading galleries, Alon Zakaim Fine Art and Connaught Brown.

Anthony Brown and Alon Zakaim, directors at the two host galleries, said: “We are delighted to be showing the work of Eric Tucker who holds an interesting place in modern British art.

“Although described as the ‘secret Lowry’, his work is far more complex than that. While Lowry paints from afar, surveying the area, Tucker throws the viewer into the midst of a scene.

“He painted his community in Warrington without judgement, but instead with humour and witty observation. Although largely hidden during his lifetime, we are looking forward to giving Tucker’s work the recognition it deserves.”

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