And finally… thick as thieves

And finally... thick as thieves

A man is facing a legal charge after he was accused of stealing a full wooden porch from his neighbour.

The porch owner in Georgia told investigators that while his property may have an abandoned look, the porch and other items on the land were not up for grabs.

Robin Swanger allegedly walked past several “no trespassing” signs and took the porch, which was not attached to a home at the time of the alleged theft.

“Some people may shrug their shoulders and say it’s not a big deal, but when you take someone’s property without their consent, and the value of this porch is $3,000, you can’t just go and take stuff off someone’s property,” Stapler told FOX 5.

“It’s a full 8’ by 10’ porch. It would be what goes onto an hour for entry and exit,” investigator Chris Stapler with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office told FOX 5 Atlanta. “Vey well constructed.”

Police had identified Swanger as a suspect and had been on the lookout for him for several days when they were called to his home for another disturbance.

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