And finally… UK seen as a candidate for 760 mph Hyperloop transport system

A 760 mph capsule-based transportation system which would connect London to Glasgow in as little as 30 minutes could be built in the UK, according to its developers.

Speaking at BaseStone’s Construct//Disrupt, an event held in London to explore the future of transportation technologies, the company behind the innovative Hyperloop said the UK was “one of the first possible candidates” for the project pioneered by engineer and investor Elon Musk.

Bibop G Gresta, COO and deputy chairman of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, said: “We see the UK as one of the first possible candidates for the construction of a full length Hyperloop. We at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies have the technology to connect London to Glasgow in as little as 30 mins. And we could build it within five years time.

“We were very excited to be speaking at BaseStone’s Construct//Disrupt in London as part of our world tour, especially as it’s one of the very few events championing the intersection of technology startups and engineering.”

He added: “London and the UK are one of Europe’s leading tech entrepreneurship centres with a thriving startup ecosystem and world class innovative transport infrastructure projects - it’s great to be on the scene at such an exciting time.”

The event showcased the latest innovations disrupting transport infrastructure and industry thought-leaders presented their vision of the future of transportation.

Sustainable Materials Specialist from High Speed 2 (HS2), Andrea Charlson, gave a thought-leader piece on how sustainability will be embedded into the UK’s £43bn rail project set to kick off in 2017.

Alex Siljanovski, founder of BaseStone, the latest in collaboration technology for construction projects, presented his vision for the future of the industry. Alex explained how their work on Crossrail with some of the largest construction companies has uncovered huge potential cost savings whilst empowering engineers.

A series of startup founders gave lightning talks showcasing the next generation of technology disrupting transport across construction, engineering, logistics and manufacturing sectors. Marcin Piatkowski showcased his innovation, Jivr Bike, the sustainable and foldable electric bike. James Swanson of Voyage Control presented the latest in fleet management technology. Suryansh Chandra of Automata presented Eva, the 3D printed robot set to democratise robotics across industries.

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