And finally… Unpaid construction workers clamp boss’s car in scaffolding

Workers at a construction site in east China became so angry that their wages were not being paid they decided to teach their boss the ultimate lesson.

In a bid to get their wages, migrant workers from the Shangrao Economic Development Zone in Jiangxi Province, used scaffolding to lock their bosses car up so he was unable to drive anywhere, reports the People’s Daily Online.

They used 12 long scaffolding poles to clamp down a Skoda belonging to one of their bosses.

It’s understood that the workers were to receive their owed wages before the upcoming Chinese New Year, so that they could go home to celebrate the occasion with their families.

The car reportedly belongs to one of the shareholders involved in the dispute.

The employees feared he would get away, so they made sure he couldn’t by clamping the car with the building equipment.

Just to be one hundred per cent sure he couldn’t get away they also deflated the tyres.

One of the workers spoke to a local reporter and said that his boss owes him 70,000 Yuan (£7,443) in wages, and he is still waiting for it.

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