And finally… Video reveals how FC Barcelona plans to build new super stadium while still hosting matches

New Camp NouFC Barcelona has unveiled plans to redevelop its stadium and extend its capacity to 105,000, all while hosting a full schedule of games.

Presented its new designs yesterday, the club said that the New Camp Nou will be “a stadium for the 21st century that emphasizes the spirit of wanting to be open to everyone”.

Designed by Nikken Sekkei studio from Japan, the project will convert the current stadium into a brand new Camp Nou without a conventional façade and that will be “serene, timeless, Mediterranean and democratic”.

The winning proposal has created an excellent, comfortable stadium with a 105,000 capacity and boasting a full range of services, fitting in perfectly with the surrounding Campus Barça -eliminating previous barriers to the neighbourhood and opening the facilities to the city via a new green space. Access to the stadium will be at street level through a spacious and lofty atrium, with access to the upper floors via 12 separate columns which incorporate escalators, stairways and lifts. The New Camp Nou will be built to the highest standards of sustainability, using collected rainwater from the roof and solar energy as part of the global strategy of the Espai Barça to become a stadium that is open and accessible to as well as being a smart stadium incorporating the latest technological advances.

The first level will be completely new and built in a more parabolic and vertical style. The second tier will maintain its current structure while offering ideal visibility with the addition of increased comfort, accessibility and services, including the third tier, which will run round the whole ground above the main stand. Above that, there will be a 360° walkway with connections both with the inside of the stadium and the outside city.

This video shows the different construction phases that Camp Nou will undergo in the next few years.

First summer (2018)

  • Demolition of Tier 1 North Goal and Lateral
  • Construction of new Tier 1 North Goal & Lateral completed
  • Construction works in goals reaches concourse level 1
  • Protected tunnels for spectator access and safe egress prepared for match days

  • Demolish half of the ramps on Lateral side
  • Excavation pit in front of Tribuna stand
  • Pitch exchanged if necessary

  • End of first season

    • Some basic vertical circulation cores around perimeter ready for use
    • New Tier 3 goals available for spectators

    • Scoreboards moved to the top of the new Tier 3
    • Compression ring for the roof erected at goals
    • Construction works Tribuna side reaches concourse level 1 and spectators below circulate safely
    • New VIP boxes at North Goal and Lateral are ready for use

    • New museum completed in front of Tribuna stand
    • End of second summer

      • Demolition of Tier 1 South Goal and Tribuna
      • New Tier 1 South Goal and Tribuna completed
      • Construction works in 4 corners reaches concourse level 1 and spectators below circulate safely
      • New seats are installed while aisles are widened
      • Works on Tribuna and Lateral side concourses continue
      • Pitch exchanged if necessary
      • End of second season

        • Lateral and Tribuna Tier 3 completed
        • Compression ring for the roof is completely erected
        • Outer bays of existing Marquisina roof removed followed by complete demolition in early summer
        • Preparation for cable net erection started
        • Start erection of the eave façade
        • New VIP boxes at South Goal and Tribuna are ready for use
        • End of third summer break

          • New seats are installed while aisles are widened
          • Cable net for roof erected
          • Erection of catwalks and roof cladding ongoing
          • Erection of scoreboards at roof front edge
          • Continuous erection of the eave facade
          • New pitch installed
          • End of third season (May 2022 aprox.)

            • Ongoing interior works, wc’s and concessions, completed
            • Vertical circulation cores are equipped with elevators and escalators
            • Erection of roof cladding finished
            • Erection of the eave façade finished
            • New concourses and VIP areas in the stadium are finished
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