And finally… What to do if digital Pokémon Go monsters are on your building site

Developers and contractors are being warned of the perils of Pokémon Go players trespassing on construction sites, putting themselves in danger in their attempts to “catch ‘em all”.

To play the game, players follow their phone’s GPS, which leads them to various places in the real world where they encounter and capture in-game creatures called Pokémon.

While most players may heed safety warnings, some have made headlines with their poor judgment calls and fervour for finding rare Pokémon.

Idle wanderers are nothing new for construction sites, but typically fences and signs are enough to keep them at bay and prevent theft or injury in a dangerous space. However, with Pokémon Go (and likely many other so-called augmented reality games to come), otherwise well-behaved pedestrians have found new incentive to think about hopping that fence and ignoring those signs.

Niantic, Pokémon Go’s developer, has an online form you can fill in here to report and request the removal of interactive locations within the game known as “stops” or “gyms”.

The Pokémon website said: “If you see a Pokémon someplace where it might not be safe to capture it (like in a construction site or on private property that you can’t get to from the street), don’t do it. There will always be another chance to catch that Pokémon later on!”

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