And finally… Workers demolish wrong house after Google Maps mix-up

craneA demolition firm tore down the wrong house - and blamed the error on Google Maps.

Lindsay Diaz, who owns a flat in Rowlett, Texas, pulled into her driveway to find her home was no more than a pile of rubble after workers went to Calypso Drive instead of Causteau Drive, one street away.

The employees had apparently called their supervisor to check the number of the flat they were demolishing, but failed to clarify the street address.

The demolition crew blamed the error on a false addressing listing on Google Maps, WFAA reports.

Diaz’s home had survived tornadoes that ripped through the state in December and she was waiting for repairs after an engineer declared that her duplex was structurally sound.

She says that the firm behind the mix-up, Billy L. Nabors Demolition, refuses to apologise.

“The team went out in the morning … They called him,” she told CBS. “They said, we’re at 7601, 7603. Is it the corner lot? Was it damaged by the tornado? Yes, yes, yes. Except the street wasn’t confirmed.

“I was hoping for an apology, ‘I’m sorry my company did this. We’ll make it better,’ and instead he’s telling me how the insurance is going to handle it and telling me that it’s going to be a nasty fight.”

The firm has declined to comment to the media.

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