And finally… Homewreckers

wrecking-ball demolition stockAlmost 160 couples in a village in eastern China have filed for divorce in order to gain more compensation for the demolition of their homes.

Residents of Jiangbei village in Nanjing face mass eviction as the Chinese government plans to raze their village to build a new hi-tech zone, Nanjing Morning Post reports.

A divorcing couple is entitled to 220 square metres of housing as compensation but, after divorce, one person keeps the house while the other gets 70 square metres of housing – as well as 131,000 yuan.

An octogenarian who divorced his wife said it was worth it for the compensation and that the couple had enjoyed a good marriage.

Another resident was unconcerned about remarrying his wife: “It’s not something I care for now,” he said. “Everyone is doing it. We’ll deal with the other matters later.”

But one legal expert told the paper that the residents were playing a dangerous game and urged the authorities to change the compensation scheme to crack down on abuses.

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