And finally…Minister builds ‘Tiny Chapel’ for weddings on wheels

A minister from the American state of Virginia has built a 100-square-foot chapel on wheels to hold mobile weddings and church services.

Bil Malbon built his ‘Tiny Chapel’ the small pitched-roof building on top of a trailer that includes a few pews, lighting and heating.

The idea for the chapel came when Malbon, who has had been officiating weddings since 1992, was planning what to do after his retirement.

“I thought I would build a nice, grand chapel and it would be something that would hold 200 people”, he said.

But the recession had a big impact on his initial idea.

He explains: “Everyone was looking into downsizing: readjusting their priorities and finding ways to celebrate life without going further into debt. So, my plans went on the back burner.”

Trying to rework his vision, he came across the “tiny house” movement.

A simpler, more cost-effective method where people live in smaller homes or apartments averaging only a couple hundred square feet.

“It just hit me – ‘Tiny Chapel’ and from there I just starting working on plans to put together something that would look like an old-fashioned country church,” Malbon said.

“We pack about 24 people in during the vow ceremony … I still think we had room then for a few more people.”

He also says the chapel being on wheels allows him to be flexible for couples wanting a specific location.

The ‘Tiny Chapel’ is already in business and held its first vow renewal ceremony last year.

The chapel will hold its first wedding later this month.

He added: “I just wanted to keep it affordable for the couples … it would increase the travel cost for me, so keeping it within an hour radius of Richmond means I can perform more ceremonies and it keeps the cost down.”

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