Architects’ Showcase: Allison Architects’ Beresford Lounge revamp brought to life by RM Visuals

The Beresford Lounge has released an animated film highlighting their new 1930s style bar, restaurant, and cafe located in Glasgow’s landmark art deco Beresford building.

At seven stories high the Beresford Hotel, as it was known then, was the tallest building constructed between the two world wars and is regarded as Glasgow’s first skyscraper. It’s recognised as one of the best examples of Art Deco modern architecture in the city. The iconic building was also the location of JFK’s first official address to US citizens representing the United States of America.

Designed by Allison Architecture, the interior pays homage to the original architecture of the building while remaining relevant to the present day. A contemporary take on the art deco theme. The café space to the front of the building has a fresh daytime feel with a bright colour pallet and lots of natural light while the restaurant is a more intimate night-time space. This is achieved through the use of colours, materials, textures, and good lighting design.

The owner of the new Beresford Lounge, Daniel Halasz, said: “We’re really excited to finally start refurbishments. Despite the current pandemic and other events that affected venues on the street, we believe in our long-term vision and success of Beresford Lounge.”

Animated film by RM Visuals

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