Cairn unveils new affordable housing development in Rosemarkie

Cairn unveils new affordable housing development in Rosemarkie

Cairn Housing Association has completed a new housing development in Rosemarkie, situated in the picturesque Black Isle.

Consisting of nine high-quality homes, the development marks a significant milestone in Cairn’s ongoing commitment to providing comfortable and sustainable housing options for local communities.

The Rosemarkie housing development is a testament to Cairn’s dedication to excellence in housing provision. All nine homes have been constructed to the innovative ‘Firm Foundations’ design, ensuring they meet rigorous standards for quality and sustainability. Each home is highly insulated and heated using efficient air source pumps, resulting in lower energy costs for residents and a reduced environmental footprint.

The development features a thoughtfully balanced mix of three-bedroom houses and two-bedroom cottage flats, designed to cater to the diverse housing needs of the local community.

Cairn unveils new affordable housing development in Rosemarkie

Angus Lamont, chair of Cairn’s board, said: “We are delighted to unveil these new homes in Rosemarkie, the result of tireless effort and collaboration among our dedicated team and partners. These homes are more than just bricks and mortar; they represent our commitment to improving lives and enhancing communities.”

Councillor Sarah Aitkin said: “It’s so good to see affordable housing in Rosemarkie, with locals taking up the tenancies. What’s so good about this development is that it’s aspired to create a blended community that, in turn blends so well with the village. It was fantastic to be able to meet the team behind this and some of the tenants too.” 

The successful completion of this project would not have been possible without the contributions of several key partners. Pat Munro, the developer, played a pivotal role in bringing the vision to life. The employer’s agent, Torrance Partnership, and the clerk of works, Helica Scotland, ensured the highest standards were met during construction.

Cairn unveils new affordable housing development in Rosemarkie

The development agent, Highland Housing Alliance, provided crucial support throughout the project. Funding from the Scottish Government and the Highland Council was instrumental in making this development a reality.

An opening ceremony was held last week, attended by Cairn staff, Councillor Sarah Aitkin, and representatives from the organisations involved in the project. Tenants were welcomed to their new homes with welcome cards containing Tesco gift vouchers.

Cairn looks forward to the positive impact this housing development will have on the lives of the residents and the broader community of Rosemarkie.

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