City of Glasgow College partnership to tackle construction skills gap

Home building stockCity of Glasgow College is helping to address a technical skills supply shortage faced by the country’s construction industry.

A partnership with Building Contractors Training Group (BCTG) and Learn, Direct & Build (LDB) aims to transform how supervisor construction training programmes are delivered in the UK.

The consortium of educators, industrialists, and designers - BCTG Construct - are creating a blended learning programme to help the sector increase productivity and efficiency, and reduce technical skills gaps by offering supervisors an anytime, anywhere learning experience.

Linzi Shearer, BCTG Construct’s project manager and lead researcher, said: “A key benefit of the blended learning programme will be improved competence for supervisors and managers by allowing them to gain new or refresh existing knowledge. This will lead to greater efficiency in the management of construction sites, create safer working environments and improve the overall standards within the UK construction industry. Ultimately this solution will contribute towards the reduction and elimination of post-handover defects.”

Douglas Morrison, project lead for STEM and innovation at City of Glasgow College, and BCTG Construct project sponsor, said: “The widening technical skills gap in the industry means we need to look at innovative educational solutions. This new partnership will help us to anticipate and respond to the needs and expectations of existing and emerging supervisors, ensuring they have the required skills and experience for their role.”

Jenny Kellie, chief executive of LDB, said: “Effective skills development is essential to growing the construction sector, making it more efficient, cost effective, competitive and profitable. We are delighted to be a partner on this project which will capture and deliver the best of educational and training innovation and technology.”

Gary McDonnell, BCTG chair, added: “Providing learning and development opportunities delivers greater knowledge, effective job planning and productivity – not to mention an increased profit. The balance of work and learning can often prove challenging for both business and employees. Our online learning platforms offer a great solution to many of these problems, providing flexibility for the individual.”

Funded by the Construction Industry Training Board’s Flexible Fund, the project will be completed by February 2019.

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