Construction firm fined £10k after St Enoch shopping centre death

Construction firm fined £10k after St Enoch shopping centre death

A construction firm has been fined £10,000 after an employee was crushed to death by an industrial drill in Glasgow.

Core Cut Limited employee Derek McLean, 43, was crushed after attempting to manoeuvre a 3.5-tonne BROKK machine up a set of stairs in Glasgow’s St Enoch shopping centre on August 22, 2019. Mr McLean was having difficulty gaining grip with trafficking the machine as it was being moved remotely up the stairwell, The Daily Records reports.

The exact circumstances of the accident are said to be “unknown” but CCTV showed the experienced diamond drilling operative part way through tracking the machine. The dad-of-three was later found trapped between the machine and a concrete wall to the left of the stairwell.

He was also found to have the remote control used to operate the machine around his waistband. A timber board - used for tracking machinery upstairs - was found resting against a wall while another was underneath the left track of the equipment.

Core Cut Limited pled guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to failing to make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to the health and safety of Mr McLean.




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