Construction output rises

Construction output grew by 0.9% between April to June, recovering from a 0.8% fall in the first quarter, according to the Office for National Statistics.

The quarter-on-quarter increase in construction output in Quarter 2 2018 was driven by a 2.7% increase in repair and maintenance work, with all new work remaining flat.

Following four consecutive months of contraction in the month-on-month series at the start of 2018, construction output increased by 1.4 per cent between May and June 2018;this follows an increase of 2.9% between April and May 2018.

The June 2018 month-on-month growth in construction output was driven predominantly by the continued growth in infrastructure new work, which increased by 9.2%.

Allan Callaghan, managing director of Cruden Building, said: “It’s encouraging to see output figures rise this month but for continued growth in the sector, we need to increase the number of people choosing to work in construction.With Scottish school pupils receiving their exam results just a few days ago, thoughts of career choices are top of mind. Many have aspirations to go to university but in reality, young people with apprenticeships are among the most employable in the country, not to mention becoming equipped with valuable practical skills and a good salary.

“Apprenticeships provide the lifeblood to the construction industry. This week saw twelve new apprentices start with Cruden across a variety of trades and skills. These direct apprentices will become part of the 90 strong team of apprentices that we train every year across the Group. Our commitment to skills development, through our Cruden Academy, is allowing us to build up a sustainable pool of talent which the industry so desperately needs.”

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