Councillors set to decide on 35-home plan for Dalgety Bay

Councillors set to decide on 35-home plan for Dalgety Bay

Proposals by Muir Homes to develop 35 new houses on a vacant brownfield site in Dalgety Bay are set to be considered next week.

If approved, nine of the 35 homes at land off Fulmar Way will be for affordable rent in partnership with Kingdom Housing Association. All homes will have photovoltaic panels for electricity generation, energy efficient heating and be built to a high standard to reduce heat loss. They will be within walking distance of multiple bus stops and Dalgety Bay train station. The development is in close proximity to a number of shops, food outlets, and the local primary school.

A previous planning application for the land was rejected with one of the major concerns of local residents being the proposed access from Otterston Grove. Muir Homes said it has listened to these concerns and proposes the only vehicular access to be from Fulmar Way.

However, planning officials have recommended that councillors on the West and Central Planning Committee reject the plans on the basis that access from Fulmar Way is not suitable.

Muir Homes carried out its own consultation with local residents and businesses prior to submitting the application and found there to be support for new housing in the local area and no strong planning objections. Most responses were supportive of the plans given the access is from Fulmar Way.

Planning officials also recommended refusal because Muir Homes does not own the land for the proposed footpath link to Meadowfield. Muir Homes is already in discussions with the owner of the land, Fife Housing Group, to ensure these links will be delivered alongside the housing.

Councillors set to decide on 35-home plan for Dalgety Bay

The development is already designated for up to 50 houses within Fife Council’s Local Development Plan. The site has lain vacant for more than 20 years and was previously used for industrial purposes as part of Donibristle Industrial Estate. Muir Homes will deliver new footpaths linking the site to the existing residential area of Meadowfield, landscaped open space areas, with tree planting and domestic gardens significantly improving the amenity and biodiversity of the land.

Nicola McCowan Hill, land and planning manager, Muir Homes, said: “It is really disappointing to see planning officials recommend that this site be rejected because of access from Fulmar Way.

“We know the only other option, from Otterston Grove, was not popular with local residents. The planning officer previously noted the unpopularity, and unsuitability, in their report to the planning committee who refused that application.

“We undertook our own thorough consultation and we know local people want the site to be developed for housing and accessed from Fulmar Way. I really hope the planning committee will take notice of what local residents want and grant consent for this proposal. This would allow this derelict land to be used as homes for dozens of families.

“Given the site is zoned for housing in the council’s own Local Development Plan, there would be pressure for a new proposal which would revert to access from Otterston Grove, if these plans were not accepted.

“On the proposed pedestrian link to Meadowfield, we are currently in contact with Fife Housing Group. We would understand if this was added as a condition for planning permission, but this is certainly not a reason to refuse the application altogether.

“Muir Homes is a reputable, family run, local housebuilder and employer. We would relish the opportunity to bring this land back into use and deliver much needed homes in the area. This would positively contribute to the local economy with new jobs and investment in the area.”

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