Councillors to discuss preferred site for East Renfrewshire leisure centre

Proposals to agree to build a new state-of-the-art Eastwood leisure centre and theatre in Eastwood Park is to go before councillors this week.

Councillors to discuss preferred site for East Renfrewshire leisure centre

East Renfrewshire Council will be asked to approve Eastwood Park as the preferred site for a new-build leisure centre and theatre at the meeting on Wednesday.

If approved, it would mean that neither Shawwood Park nor Broomburn Park would need to be considered as potential options and would remain as protected urban green space.

A six-week consultation held in May/June 2018 showed that 87% of residents who responded supported new leisure facilities within the Eastwood area being created to meet the future needs of people in the area.

In October last year councillors asked the council’s director of environment to specifically explore how feasible it would be to build a new leisure centre and theatre in Eastwood Park.

The new proposal going before councillors next week outlines that whilst a significantly improved facility could be built within Eastwood Park, it would not be possible to include four additional pitches.

Whilst there would be challenges working around the site constraints, it is proposed that the new centre could still include a six-lane 50m swimming pool, additional teaching pool and flumes, spectator seating area, 140-station gym, spin studio, six-court sports hall, theatre space, health suite, café, multifunctional cultural space and an interactive play area.

The proposed new facility could potentially be built over two floors at a site adjacent to the current facility, allowing it to continue operating during the construction period and ensuring there would be no major disruption to leisure provision during this time.

As part of a wider masterplan of Eastwood Park, the vision is to develop improved outdoor space that can enjoyed by people working within the park and for those who  visit and use it for recreational purposes.

Director of environment Andrew Cahill said: “A considerable amount of detailed work has been carried out in relation to the possibility of a new-build leisure centre and theatre within Eastwood Park, keeping as far as possible to the original specification. This has been challenging and there will be some compromises but the proposal going before councillors still offers the potential to provide a modern, vastly improved leisure facility within the park, although it would not be possible to include any additional outdoor pitches. It is for councillors to decide if this proposal should be progressed.”

If councillors agree the recommendations being put forward, then a further report outlining the detailed options and costs will be brought back before councillors in due course.

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