Developers unveil £60m mixed-use plans at Dundee Waterfront

Development site 12 at Dundee Waterfront

Plans have been unveiled for the latest mixed-use development planned for a site within Dundee’s £1 billion Waterfront regeneration project.

A proposal of application notice has been lodged with Dundee City Council for a £60 million development including offices, hotels, housing and shops on site 12 at the Waterfront.

The development would be adjacent to the planned urban beach and directly west of the Tay Road Bridge exit ramp.

The proposal of application notice, submitted by Keppie Design on behalf of Dawn Developments Ltd, states the plans are for a “mixed development including offices, hotels, housing and ground floor commercial units with parking and associated works”.

It adds: “Site 12 commands a very prominent location within the central waterfront development and will be highly visible from a number of key locations in and around the waterfront area.

“Alongside the V&A Museum of Design, the building will help redefine the riverfront edge and act as an additional gateway building to the city when arriving via the Tay Road Bridge.

“Site 12 will also act as a counterpoint to the V&A, helping to define the central open space.

“As such, a bold and ambitious design will be required to reinforce the city’s ambitions as an emerging international city and to provide a distinctive entry to the city.”

It concludes: “Given the prominence of the site and the need to create attractive links between the Central Waterfront and City Quay; the situation calls for ambitious and inventive design solutions which support the desire to create a positive, welcoming and active environment in this area.”

Artist’s impression of a possible development on site 12 with the V&A Dundee in the background

Dawn Developments director, Paul O’Donnell, told the Evening Telegraph: “These are the very early stages, and we are about to enter into consultations regarding our proposals.

“However, it would be accurate to say at this stage that this will be a significant and major development at the Waterfront if it gets the go-ahead.

“We are now at the stage of entering into full consultations and negotiations to take this forward.

“If this all goes according to plan we would hope to submit a formal planning application to the council during the first quarter of 2019.

“If our application is approved work will progress as expected after that.”

Mr O’Donnell said that the full details of their proposals had still to be finalised.

However, he added they were hoping to develop housing, offices and hospitality at the site.

He said: “We are proposing 120 mixed–size residential properties of mixed tenures, and hospitality units such as a hotels, restaurants and bars, but that has still to be finalised.

“Over the coming months we will be holding consultations and talks in Dundee with various interested parties.

“These will obviously include city planners and developers, but it will also involve members of the public.”

He said that several public consultations would be held but no dates had been set for these yet.

“We have an obligation to hold public consultations and these will take place. I think more than one of these will be held. We will be putting out further information regarding this in due course,” he said.

Plans for the £1 billion redevelopment of Dundee Waterfront were drawn up 20 years ago and work began in 2001. It is expected to take 30 years to complete.

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