Fife Council backs new £24m Waid Academy

Waid entranceWork on an “innovative” £24 million replacement for an ageing Anstruther school will begin as soon as possible after planning consent was agreed by Fife Council.

Pupils are due to move into the new three-storey Waid Academy in March 2017.

First unveiled in October last year, ‘The Waid’ will be one of six secondary schools and two primaries which make up Fife Council’s Building Fife’s Future Programme.

Designed by BDP in partnership with the Scottish Futures Trust, Fife Council and BAM Construction, The Waid will be a ground-breaking, collaborative project, which will bring a huge range of public services under one roof such as a local office for the council, the library and a base for police officers.

Councillors said the project will be a first, not just for the communities of Anstruther and the East Neuk, but it will be the first of its kind in Fife and can deliver a blueprint for a new way of working for all Fife’s community partners.

Voicing delight at the decision by Fife Council’s north east planning committee, East Neuk and Landward councillor Donald MacGregor said: “The new school, even more community-oriented, will be a model of its kind.

“Public support for the concept was reflected in the unanimous approval expressed by councillors.”

Education spokesman Bryan Poole said: “The inside of the school is completely different to any we’ve had before. There are lots of break-out areas which allow for a much more innovative way of learning.

“There is a heavy emphasis on business and enterprise skills.”

Waid_SchoolFunded by Fife Council and the Scottish Government, the school will be built in the north west of the existing school site, currently a grass playing field and all-weather pitch.

At its heart will be a central dining and ‘social learning hub’ atrium, a triple height space with a ‘performance stair’ and ‘enterprise bridge’.

It will have a new all-weather pitch laid to Scottish Rugby Union standards and a hockey pitch. Grounds will also include a wildflower meadow, ‘nurture courtyard’ garden and a habitat walk.

The original Waid Academy building will be retained but extensions demolished.

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