And finally… Ad sees Scottish workers don kilts on Australian construction site

The many pitfalls of Scots wearing their traditional dress on a construction site is the subject of an advertisement campaign in Australia.

Created for Four’N Twenty’s new Legendary Angus Beef Pies, the advert takes us through a building site populated with both hardworking Aussies and Scottish builders.

A bend over here, a bit of jackhammering there and suddenly the Australian builders are copping more than an eyeful of a man’s “meat and two veg”. A sight that could potentially scar these men for life.

Ant Keogh, executive creative director of advertising agency Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne, says the campaign builds on Four’N Twenty’s sense of humour.

“Four’N Twenty understand their consumers and know that taking life too seriously is not the way to sell meat pies,” he said.

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