And finally… Hacked construction signs turning heads in Alaska

A practical joke is turning heads on Alaska’s roadways.

Someone broke into the back of an electronic sign used for construction and changed the message to a phrase that caught some late night drivers by surprise.

The sign was changed to say ‘money over the b-word’.

“I was coming home, and driving down 5th Avenue, looked up and there was there was the sign that had been changed,” said DOT spokesperson Jill Reese. ”It was humorous not only to me but to several people that were creating a traffic jam, by stopping and putting on their flashers, and taking pictures.”

A worker with the contractor who set up the sign got the phrase taken down within a half hour.

But it’s not a laughing matter for officials elsewhere in the state where another sexually explicit sign was discovered the same night.

“In this case thankfully, nothing bad came of it in terms of public safety, other than perhaps some messages that you wouldn’t want your kids seeing,” said Wasilla police officer Eric Manrique.

Wasilla Police say messing with these signs is against the law and investigators want to find the person responsible.

This isn’t the first time someone has sabotaged construction signs in Alaska.

In July of 2012, several of them were changed to say ‘Impeach Obama’.

“This happens every once and a while to not only our signs, but across the country, but it’s also just another example of hackers that have that kind of ability and information,” said Reese.

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