And finally… Job hopeful receives rude rejection letter from window firm

A jobseeker received what could be the rudest ever rejection letter, describing him as a “d**k” and “an old, aesthetically challenged guy with no teeth”.

James Allen, 48, failed to impress his prospective employers at interview, but was shocked to receive the email tirade when he asked for feedback.

The Telegraph reports he was interviewed for a position with window manufacturer Right Price PVCu, and thought it had gone well until he got the email.

Right Price PVCu director Sarah Haseler described Allen as “one of the most irritating, rude, obnoxious and arrogant people she had ever had the misfortune to meet.”

The email continued: “I only wish I’d have seen your CV beforehand, to save us both the time, as I would have probably noticed your main job role as professional pr**k.

“You are not only the most inappropriate person for this job, but probably for any job. You will spend the next few years applying for, only to get rejected as soon as they meet you.

“Also for an old aesthetically challenged guy with no teeth, you have an unbelievable amount of confidence.

“If I had been anything other than professional, I would have said what I was actually thinking, which was this guy is an absolute d**k. Get the f**k out.”

Haseler claims that at the interview Allen was “unbelievably rude, inappropriate and insulting, towards me personally and also the company.” She had written a more standard rejection in a second email but sent her first ‘therapeutic rant’ by mistake.

Allen, a former serviceman of Princetown, Devon, said: “There’s no way as a professional, and especially as a director of a company, that you would treat somebody that way. I really didn’t expect something as nasty as that.”

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