And finally… Underwater villas for sale at a million squid

Underwater properties in Dubai are now going on sale before being finished later this year, though at a cost of £1 million.

Each of the 42 villas feature a sea-floor room “offering magnificent views of the spectacular sea world”.

The houses are three storeys high with a rooftop deck on the third level and the master bedroom and bathroom on the second floor.

But the kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom will be 13 feet underwater.

Udhay Lall, the project director of The Heart of Europe, which covers six islands admitted the design phase for the villas had been “challenging”.

He told the Mirror: “They’re not going to be constructed on land.

“They’re going to be fabricated on dry docks and will be shipped out and positioned in the water where they belong.

“We do want to build them locally in the dry docks. And we think we should start the fabrication at the second half of this year.

The Heart of Europe project covers a group of six islands.

Architects have promised to feature “rain and snow-lined” streets, private and public sandy beaches and the world’s largest open aquarium.

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