And finally… Will the real Jeff Vap please stand up?

An owner of a construction firm in Kansas has been caught in a bizarre story of mistaken identity.

Jeff J. Vap, who owns Vap Construction, Inc. based in Atwood, about 30 miles north of Colby, builds agricultural buildings including barns in Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado.

However another Jeff Vap (Jeffrey T. Vap to be precise), was also in the construction industry with his business based in Goddard, a city in Sedgwick County, which is (you guessed it) also in Kansas.

But Jeff T. Vap was convicted of deception in 2011 and then convicted again earlier this month in Sedgwick County. He was ordered to pay thousands of dollars in restitution to customers for taking money on projects he didn’t complete.

So now the Jeff J. Vap is getting unwanted calls and is sure he’s lost business as people are confusing him with the criminal.

Vap said: “We’ve had some kind of mistaken identity. We’ve had phone calls, bill collectors. I mean it’s a bad deal.

“I know for a fact we have two customers in Colorado that we did give deposits back.”

Now this Vap is contacting customers and vendors he deals with to explain he’s not the Vap who was in the news earlier this month in trouble for deceptive practices in the construction business.

He added: “It’s staggering odds that there would be two Jeff Vaps that are in the construction business.

“At first I thought it was funny but the fun has wore out.”

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