Flats plan at former Springburn football ground makes progress

Merchant Homes Ltd and Advance Construction (Scotland) Ltd have followed a recent consultation regarding plans for 84 flats in Springburn with a formal planning application to Glasgow City Council.

Flats plan at former Springburn football ground makes progress

Working alongside Bruach Design, the project team aims to deliver four blocks of flats, each with four storeys, at the site of the former Petershill Juniors FC’s stadium on the west side of Southloch Street.

The apartments of various sizes will all comply with Housing for Varying Need and Glasgow Standard minimum space requirements. 63 vehicle parking spaces will also be provided.

A design statement included with the application lists the development’s core principles as:

  • Complete the urban block by continuing the building line from the adjacent tenement buildings on Petershill Road
  • Activate the street by bringing life onto the existing blank edge along Southloch Street
  • Repair the urban fabric by investing in the area and adding high-quality housing for social rent
  • Create a new gateway entrance into the site by positioning buildings at the entrance to follow the natural desire lines to continues through the site towards Petershill Park
  • Enhance views into and out of the site by creating dual aspect flat layouts
  • Use planting to soften the edges of the development and retain existing trees and greenery wherever possible
  • Reduce the reliance on cars as the site is well located for public transport links

Petershill Juniors moved to a new stadium built as part of a community leisure development on an adjacent site in 2007.

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