‘Floating restaurant’ planned for the River Clyde

River Clyde floating restaurantPlans have been submitted for the construction of a fixed pontoon platform to accommodate a restaurant building on the River Clyde.

Situated under the Finnieston Crane, the project will include a mooring for a number of vessels including a barge.

A planning statement from Clydeside Restaurants Ltd said its “proposal has arisen from the growth in demand for new restaurants to serve the SECC and Hydro” and to “maximise the potential provided by the River Clyde by enhancing the attractiveness of the river”.

Under designs by DF Architects, the barge would be moored under the crane and although planning permission is not needed for use as a restaurant, it is needed for works and moorings associated with the restaurant.

River Clyde floating restaurant 2The proposals have now been lodged with planning officials at Glasgow City Council and are currently under consideration.

Clydeside’s planning statement added: “The proposal also provides a return on investment for city council investment in the SECC and Hydro and adds to the attraction of this area of the city.

“The proposal will also increase the range of choice in quality and style of activity along the river in full accordance with the objectives of the plan.

“It is also relevant that the proposal will increase the awareness and the attractiveness of the Finnieston Crane and with options for future lighting around the crane.”

River Clyde floating restaurant 3The document also outlines the extent of the plans, stating: “The enclosed planning application seeks consent for the erection of moorings with associated structures and other works.

“The proposal seeks to form a new access to the river with moorings and ramp access from Finnieston Quay and to promote associated structures at the entrances to the ramps and for storage and containment of refuse waste and services within the site.

“The proposal will also incorporate allocation of existing parking spaces and definition of pedestrian access routes to this facility.”

It adds: “The proposal seeks to provide moorings for a range of vessels including a barge with a floating restaurant.

“Insofar as the barge will be moored in a location below the low waterline, planning consent is not required for the restaurant use.

“In such circumstances the moorings and associated works and parking are the only elements of the plans which require planning consent.”

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