Green light for plans to build homes on site of former Angus cattery

Green light for plans to build homes on site of former Angus cattery

Angus Council has approved plans for three new homes to be constructed on the site of a former cattery.

The detached houses will be built on the site of the Cats Hotel at Balruddery.

The cattery was a strong business prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced the owners to close permanently.

The application site occupies a quarter of the former walled garden at Balruddery Estate. Houses have already been built in the remainder of the garden. Following a previous planning refusal, Angus Council has given delegated approval to the plans.

A static caravan and conservatory currently occupy the site, however these will be removed, The Courier reports.

Dundee-based planning agents Arktx said the housing plan will take away the “noisy neighbour” cattery.

Their submission reads: “It was felt that having a very busy commercial business with thousands of vehicle movements in the middle of a residential area would have a continued negative effect on nearby housing, house values and length of time to sell.

“Various development options have been investigated. It was concluded that the prudent and sensible option was to redevelop the site for an appropriate residential use.”

The design of the three one-and-a-half-storey houses will be based on other homes approved for the area. Each will have a plot size of more than 800sq m. Previously unsuccessful plans have been changed to remove backland access to the site.

Planning officials said the proposal is in general compliance with the development plan.

They added: “The proposal would facilitate new housing on a brownfield site in the countryside, which would be sited in an existing cluster of buildings and remove a more intensive commercial use from the rural site.”

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