Halliday Fraser Munro masterplan for Glenrothes town centre approved

A vision for central Glenrothes to become a vibrant and sustainable place for the local community and visitors from other areas by 2030 has been approved by Fife Council.

Halliday Fraser Munro masterplan for Glenrothes town centre approved

Image courtesy of Halliday Fraser Munro

The Glenrothes Town Centre Masterplan, led by Halliday Fraser Munro planning consultants, sets out a route map for informing priorities for the redevelopment and evolution of the town centre over the next ten years. The aims are to improve the night-time economy, develop green public spaces and identify investment opportunities, including residential development in the town centre.

Cllr Fiona Grant, convener of the Glenrothes area committee, said: “Seeing all the changes in the town centre over the last two years and knowing there could be greater improvements to come is very good news. Even while the master plan has been in development, projects on the ground have gone ahead, new street works and art installations have been put in and the Council has demolished one its redundant buildings. In addition, plans for improving Riverside Park in partnership with Friends of Riverside Park (FoRP) are underway.

“The local communities who have been consulted through the Master Plan development can see that improvements are already taking place and the master plan sets out the changes they can expect to see over the next ten years.

“Across Fife, we have been badly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic but as vaccination rates increase, I fervently hope to see Glenrothes town centre full of people enjoying the amenities and businesses getting back to normal before too long.”

Gordon Mole, Fife Council head of business and employability, said: “The 2020 global Covid-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented economic impact across the world. In Glenrothes the crisis has affected many businesses although a point of positivity can be seen in an increase in town centre trading as people have shopped locally.

“The Covid-19 crisis will result in future shifts in demand for land and buildings, also changes in the way we work, travel and socialise will accelerate the changes proposed in the Town Centre Master Plan. The plan gives us a framework to focus on creating environmental improvements and exemplifies the best of emerging 21st century town centre practice.”

Some of the key opportunities recommended within in the masterplan that the council and stakeholders are asked to consider include:

Improve the evening economy:

  • New and Improved cultural attractions will be provided
  • New high-quality buildings and exciting architecture will be created
  • A view over Riverside Park will be created
  • Create the right conditions for grassroots culture, creativity and entrepreneurism to thrive

Glenrothes will be an environmentally conscious place

  • Create new and improved green spaces and improved green links to Riverside Park
  • Glenrothes is committed to supporting the Scottish Government targets for emissions reductions of 75% by 2030 and moving to net-zero by 2045
  • Develop a strategy to utilise the district heating network and deliver energy efficiency in new and existing buildings will be prepared
  • Develop a strategy to reduce car dominance and improve opportunities for walking, cycling and public transport will be delivered

Glenrothes will be an enterprising place

  • Provide modern flexible and affordable retail, commercial and residential units
  • Create more and varied jobs locally
  • Support a pipeline of public and private inward investment over the next 20 years

Glenrothes will be an accessible, well connected and healthy place

  • Provide ‘working from home hubs’
  • Reduce the need to travel by providing a broad mix of land uses such as residential and evening activities
  • Provide Gateway features on key approaches
  • Build on recent improvements to walk/cycle network and enhance connections and wayfinding to key town centre locations
  • Make most of Riverside Park and enhance accessibility for those with mobility concerns
  • Provide sufficient, quantity, quality and mix of cycle parking types
  • Encourage active travel for trips less than 5km
  • Improve the public realm and amenity of Glenrothes Bus Station
  • Increase Park & Walk/ Ride opportunities for bus and rail travel
  • Open up North Street for bus access

Supporting Net Zero

  • Increased provision of delivery/collection hubs
  • Increase electric vehicle charging spaces
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