Home improvement figures decrease across Scotland

Scottish homeowners are the least likely in Britain to improve their property after the number of home improvement planning applications decreased last year.

The ‘Home Improvers of Great Britain 2019’ report, compiled by construction industry analysts Barbour ABI, found that for every 100 private homes, Scotland had on average 1.1 home improvement applications in 2018, which is below the British average of 2.0.

Home improvement figures decrease across Scotland

A total of 21,500 applications were submitted in Scotland for home improvement in 2018.

In this year’s report, East Lothian led all districts across the region with 2.1 applications per 100 private homes, taking the top spot from last year’s leader Argyll and Bute. Out of the top ten districts it was the Western Isles that saw the largest growth in applications with a 9% increase and jumping into tenth place as a new entry.

Barbour ABI said that across much of Britain, home improvement activity tends to be more prevalent in less urban areas with Scotland no exception, as Glasgow and Renfrewshire sit at the bottom of the Scottish home improvement table.

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