In Pictures: First look at MSIP Skills Academy at former Michelin Dundee site

Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) has today shared a first look at the MSIP Skills Academy, which will welcome its first learners at the site of the former Michelin Dundee factory in January 2022.

In Pictures: First look at MSIP Skills Academy at former Michelin Dundee site

Artistic impression of what the MSIP Skills Academy will look like

The MSIP Skills Academy will be delivered by Dundee and Angus College, in partnership with Abertay University, the University of Dundee and the University of St Andrews, along with other supporting and industry partners, bringing skills and knowledge from the college and universities together with industry.

Through a comprehensive range of training focused on the skills needs of companies, it will offer dedicated skills training to current and future employees of companies located at MSIP and across Scotland.

The curriculum and delivery style of the MSIP Skills Academy will build on the strong legacy of Dundee and Michelin, inspiring new generations of engineers, technicians and operators to design and manufacture for the sustainable mobility and decarbonisation sectors.

In Pictures: First look at MSIP Skills Academy at former Michelin Dundee site

By offering a broad and flexible curriculum in areas including manufacturing, renewable energy, low carbon transport and battery technology, ranging from entry-level to professional development, the MSIP Skills Academy will be a national skills centre of excellence that will inspire, educate and prepare the future workforce, to accelerate the green recovery.

Transformation of the space for the MSIP Skills Academy has started, with the curriculum underway from August this year and first learners due to arrive at the physical space in January 2022. The ambition is to have 250 learners accessing the MSIP Skills Academy each year by 2028.

MSIP took ownership of the former Michelin Dundee site in early 2021, following the Michelin Dundee closure. A £60 million funding package from Michelin and Team Scotland was announced in November 2019, and as part of that, the £20m physical transformation of the site is now underway.

In Pictures: First look at MSIP Skills Academy at former Michelin Dundee site

MSIP has five tenants that are creating world-leading technology in solar thermal, hydrogen, and lithium-ion batteries, bringing 74 jobs to the Innovation Parc. A further three companies have been secured, with four more expected to announce a decision to locate at MSIP by the end of this year.

Greig Coull, chief executive of MSIP, said: “The MSIP Skills Academy connects learners of all ages with businesses and new technologies, to inspire, educate, train and prepare for the future. 

“Delivered in partnership, it provides learners, those located at MSIP and companies across industry in Scotland with skills that are needed to support the just transition to net zero.

In Pictures: First look at MSIP Skills Academy at former Michelin Dundee site

How the site looked before work began

“A big part of our mission at MSIP is to continue the legacy that Michelin Dundee started, supporting learners to train, gain new skills and hands on industry experience, to a standard of excellence. The unique ecosystem we are creating at the MSIP Skills Academy will do that.

“Our goal is to create jobs, generate economic growth and respond to the climate emergency. The MSIP Skills Academy is a core part of ensuring we do that.”

Simon Hewitt, principal, Dundee and Angus College, said: “Dundee and Angus College is proud to be the lead partner for MSIP in establishing the MSIP Skills Academy.

In Pictures: First look at MSIP Skills Academy at former Michelin Dundee site

A current view of MSIP demonstrating the transformation already underway

“This is a unique opportunity for the college to work with MSIP colleagues to inspire and develop the future workforce to support the companies locating to the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc and beyond.

“Through the Skills Academy partnership between Dundee and Angus College, Abertay University, University of Dundee and University of St Andrews, public sector agencies and industry partners the academy will truly support the ambition of MSIP and play a central role in delivering the Michelin Dundee legacy in supporting job creation and economic growth whilst supporting the climate emergency through a just transition to net zero.”

In Pictures: First look at MSIP Skills Academy at former Michelin Dundee site

Dundee City Council leader, Councillor John Alexander, said: “This is another hugely exciting development at MSIP, which has made tremendous progress since the closure of the tyre factory in attracting new companies and creating jobs.

“As we adapt to the economy of the future, with sustainability and the net zero carbon emissions goal at its heart, we need to ensure we have people with the right skills.

“This is an investment in the local and Scottish workforce and ultimately in the future of the planet. I’m delighted to see that, once again, creative partnership working is helping to build on the Michelin legacy.”

Minister for higher education, further education, youth employment and training, Jamie Hepburn, added: “The MSIP Skills Academy brings together renowned further and higher education institutions, together with industry, to develop the skills that a net zero Scotland requires.

“This partnership supports priority areas outlined in the Scottish Government’s Climate Emergency Skills Action plan. It will help learners of all ages to develop new skills and take advantage of the opportunities created in Scotland’s just transition to becoming a net zero nation by 2045.

“As we think about our green recovery from the pandemic, it’s exciting to know there is now a national learning destination to support jobs in the sustainable mobility and decarbonisation sector.”

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