Kier ‘had 24 hour security and fire warden patrols’ at Mackintosh Building

Image: Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

Kier Construction Scotland has defended its fire safety process at the blaze-stricken Mackintosh Building.

The main contractor behind the £35 million restoration insisted heat and smoke detectors had been installed at the building prior to the devastating fire on Friday as well as 24 hour security and fire warden patrols.

Glasgow MP Paul Sweeney has led criticism of the firm in the wake of the blaze, the second to hit the historic site in four years.

He told the Scottish Sun: “I think we need to ask hard questions about the judgement of the contractors and the governors at the school about whether they had the right processes in place and the right oversight.

“What was the contractor doing? Why wasn’t there CCTV, thermal camera or automatic links to fire brigade? I would have thought all of that would have been in place.

“We need to investigate exactly what the circumstances were and how the fire was able to get so badly out of control before anyone realised what was going on.”

Having issued a short statement in response to the fire yesterday, Kier has now detailed its fire safety strategy and pledged to do whatever is necessary to help move the project forward.

A Kier spokesperson said: “An agreed fire safety strategy was implemented for the build phase of the Mackintosh restoration project, which combined measures for the protection of all those entering the site to work and to alert the authorities in the event of an outbreak of fire. These included a smoke and heat detection system and regular evacuation tests as well as 24 hour, 7 days a week security and fire warden patrols by a team of three guards, originally appointed by the client after the 2014 fire and subsequently by Kier.

“We continue to work with and support Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and our client as they determine the next steps for the Mackintosh building and site.

“We have a passionate team of local construction and crafts people, skilled conservators, supply chain and engineering specialists who have worked incredibly hard on this iconic landmark, and together we are all keen to do whatever we can to help moving forward.”

Work to assess the condition of the building is underway with a team of experts able to enter the site with support from the emergency services.

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