Local firms win Social Security Scotland fit-out deals

Dundee’s Dovetail Enterprises and Glasgow’s City Building have been awarded contracts totalling £2 million to support the set-up of Social Security Scotland offices in their respective cities.

Local firms win Social Security Scotland fit-out deals

The Scottish Government Framework for Supported Businesses was used to invite bids from organisations that employ at least 30% disabled or disadvantaged people within their workforce.

Dovetail Enterprises is a furniture manufacturer that offers training and job opportunities to disabled people. City Building works with its manufacturing facility at Royal Strathclyde Blindcraft Industries to support employment opportunities for disabled people, including those who are visually impaired.

Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Co., a social enterprise based in Renfrewshire that employs people adjusting to life outside of the military, was awarded £50k to provide bespoke signs for offices.

Cabinet secretary for social justice, housing and local government, Shona Robison, said: “The impact of Scotland’s newest public service is broader than the payment of benefits to people across Scotland. It is also a major employer and contributes to the wider economy through awarding contracts for goods and services.

“When we talk about delivering our social security service with dignity, fairness and respect, this isn’t exclusive to the experience of clients. We want this to apply equally to the people and organisations who will work for and with Social Security Scotland.

“It is great to see how this has been applied to the establishment of our offices in Dundee and Glasgow. We are utilising local businesses, contributing to the local economy, and also working with supported businesses that are providing training and employment for people.

“As Social Security Scotland continues to grow and expand as we introduce further benefits, the economic and employment opportunities will also grow. At a time when we need to recover and build back from Covid-19, this investment is needed more than ever.”

Gary Liang, commercial manager at Dovetail Enterprises, said: “This opportunity is an important route to market for us and has made a positive contribution to turnover and has enhanced the profile of Dovetail. It has also allowed us to develop and foster relationships with customers in the public sector which will continue to grow as we aim to secure further orders through the Supported Business Framework.

“Most importantly, the revenue generated for Dovetail through the Supported Business Framework, helps to ensure we can continue with our primary goal which is to provide employment and training opportunities for disabled and disadvantaged members of society.”

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