McTaggart Construction makes double hire in push for net zero

McTaggart Construction makes double hire in push for net zero

Ross Hammell and Loren Mowbray

McTaggart Construction has made two major appointments to support its net zero ambitions.

Industry leader Ross Hammell returns to the Scottish family-owned business as CSR manager with responsibility for sustainability and social value.

Mr Hammell has spearheaded social value initiatives within the UK’s construction industry for more than a decade and championed numerous award-winning programmes, including the Scottish Apprentice Employer of the Year award gained by McTaggart Construction earlier this year.

He said: “I firmly believe in the construction industry’s potential to effect transformative change through partnership and collaboration.

“The house-building sector serves as a highly accessible and visible platform for such transformation, and I am immensely proud of McTaggart Construction’s unwavering commitment to community regeneration and working in partnership to achieve ‘beyond brick and mortar’.”

Loren Mowbray has been recruited as sustainability manager working with Ross to inform McTaggart staff and support its sites to reduce waste starting at the top of the waste hierarchy (prevention), reduce overall consumption and drive behavioural change.

She previously worked in the waste management sector and on net zero projects for Glasgow City Council after graduating with an Environmental Resource Management BSc (Hons) from Edinburgh University.

She said: “In an industry full of innovation and rapidly changing practices, I’m delighted to be a part of McTaggart as we navigate the challenges and opportunities brought by the transition to net zero, and help contribute to a brighter, more sustainable future.”

McTaggart Construction managing director Janice Russell said: “A net zero future and more high quality sustainably built homes offer abundant opportunities for our businesses.

“The construction industry has a steep learning curve to support net zero ambitions, but with Ross’s expertise and passion, he can drive positive change at McTaggart’s and help us achieve our sustainability goals.

“His decision to return to McTaggart Construction Ltd is rooted in our ambitious growth plans and commitment to partnerships. We are dedicated to a more sustainable future and place a strong emphasis on waste reduction, workforce development and a sustainable supply chain.

“He will be working closely with Loren and developing a new strategy that will steer us towards a more sustainable and socially responsible future in the construction sector.

“Their dedication to people, commitment to transformative change, and innovative strategies are pivotal to the company’s ongoing mission to make a lasting, positive impact on communities and the environment.”

Ross’s journey into the construction sector began at age 16 with his early experiences leading to roles in Youth Learning and Community Development and providing him with insight into how businesses can positively impact communities.

He said: “I have a passion for developing people and supporting emerging talents, upskilling the workforce, providing opportunities, and venturing into new areas of diversification.

“My approach consistently emphasises collaboration with local organisations to drive change and enhance social mobility. I believe a ‘Why not?” mindset can significantly influence the industry.”

Loren’s role entails identifying areas for sustainable development, continuously working towards and striving for circular economy, resource efficacy, decarbonisation and waste reduction.

She said: “I aim to support the business on this journey be being a catalyst for change and continuously exploring opportunities for increased sustainability.

“With the built environment accounting for 25% of the UK’s emissions, it is crucial to take action and that requires lasting collaboration both internally and externally. Along with the collaboration of external stakeholders, I will be working closely with our supply chain partners, ensuring we are all on this journey together and collaborating on sustainable solutions to benefit both the business and the environment.”

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