Measures announced to tackle radon levels in Highland schools

Radon-element-e1382118490555Measures to reduce the levels of a potentially harmful gas in three Highland schools have been revealed by the local authority.

The Highland Council began a programme of inspections for levels of naturally occurring radon gas at 34 schools throughout the region in November last year.

Then in April it revealed that radon measurements at Ardgour Primary School, Carrbridge Primary School and Newtonmore Primary School were found to be in excess of the 400 Bq/m³ Action Level.

Now the council has announced remedial measures aimed at alleviating the problem.

All three schools will have cracks and voids sealed before a further 90 days monitoring. Three active radon sumps, which use a fan and piping to remove the unwanted gas, will be installed at Ardgour, while Carrbridge will have two.

A similar approach has been used successfully in other council properties where radon was detected above the action level.

The work is scheduled to be carried out during the summer holidays to minimise any impact on service delivery.

The Highland Council and their specialist radon advisor, working in consultation with Public Health England, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and each property Responsible Premises Officer, have examined the results of the previously reported testing and the construction detail of the property and have determined that these are the most appropriate remedial measures to take.

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