Ministers approve new North Lanarkshire primary school

North Lanarkshire CouncilNorth Lanarkshire Council has been given the go ahead for the development of a new primary school.

Scottish ministers have agreed not to issue a call-in notice following the council’s decision to close Dunrobin PS and Petersburn PS and Nursery Class.

In February this year the council’s learning and leisure services committee agreed to merge the two Airdrie schools and build a new primary on the Dunrobin PS site.

Education staff carried out an informal consultation which found the vast majority of parents, teachers and the wider school community to be in favour of the new schools proposals.

However, the decision still required Scottish Government approval; and having reviewed the proposals, they agreed that North Lanarkshire Council has fulfilled its obligations under the Schools (Consultation) Act 2010.

The letter from the government’s head of school infrastructure unit sates: “North Lanarkshire Council may now implement its decision to close Dunrobin PS and Petersburn PS and Nursery Class in line with the timescales set out…”

The development is part of wider plans to develop primary school provision in Airdrie:

  • Tollbrae and St Edward’s primaries will move to a new shared campus on land within the existing grounds.
  • A new school for St Dominic’s primary.
  • Plans will now be developed for the construction of these new schools.

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