Morrison Construction backs #GetChecked cancer campaign

Morrison Construction Scotland employees (from left) Ashley Constance, Liam Corrins, Aimee Auld, Eddie Robertson, Craig Cunningham
Morrison Construction Scotland employees (from left) Ashley Constance, Liam Corrins, Aimee Auld, Eddie Robertson, Craig Cunningham

Morrison Construction is supporting the Scottish Government and Cancer Research UK’s #GetChecked campaign in a bid to highlight the importance of finding cancer early to its 1,000 Scottish staff.

The workforce figure matches the number of deaths that could be avoided each year if Scottish cancer survival matched the best in Europe. Early detection is key to saving more lives as the earlier cancer is found, the easier it is to treat.

At the opening of the company’s new Central division office facilities in Robroyston this week, the workforce donned an array of checked clothing to show their support for the campaign, which is part of Scotland’s effort to turn the Big C into the wee c and save more lives from the disease.

Through the partnership, the company will be communicating the benefits of early detection to staff to help encourage those with any concerns to visit their GP sooner rather than later or attend screening when invited.

As well as touring a #GetChecked photobooth around its sites in the central belt, encouraging staff to take and share checked ‘selfies’ in support of the campaign, health briefing sessions will be delivered to staff - so they know the early signs to look out for.

Additional Morrison Construction bases throughout the country will then be targeted over the coming months.

Statistics show that the likelihood of surviving breast cancer is five times higher if detected at an early stage compared to a late stage, 14 times higher for bowel cancer and 20 times higher for lung cancer.

Morrison Construction joins a host of organisations and people the length and breadth of Scotland who have already backed the #GetChecked drive by displaying colourful checks and educating staff and customers on the benefits of early detection.

Eddie Robertson, managing director, Morrison Construction Scotland – Central, said: “#GetChecked will undoubtedly strike a chord with a large proportion of our workforce, which is why we’re backing it and proudly displaying our checks today.

“The welfare of our workforce – and their families - is of paramount importance, and we have a range of activities planned at our sites throughout the central belt, before targeting Aberdeen and Inverness to urge anyone with any concerns to get checked if they have concerns sooner rather than later.

“We want to play our part in helping save more lives in Scotland, which is why we’re delighted to be involved.”

Gregor McNie, Cancer Research UK’s senior policy manager, added: “More people than ever are living beyond a cancer diagnosis and, over the last 40 years, survival in the UK has doubled. Today half of all those told they have cancer will survive the disease for at least​ten years.

“We know that early detection saves lives but to help make that happen it’s important that people with unusual or persistent changes to their body go and get checked. It probably won’t be cancer, but if it is, diagnosing and treating it at an early stage, means treatment is more likely to be effective.”

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