New £320m Nigg Bay harbour plan on show

Proposals to create a new £320 million harbour on the Aberdeen coast are now on display at a public consultation.

Planning consultants Barton Willmore have been commissioned by Aberdeen Harbour Board, with support from Scottish Enterprise, to consult on a Development Framework that will identify and consider the relationship between the proposed Nigg Bay Harbour expansion and the development of the surrounding areas.

The project, which is aiming to begin in 2017 and be completed by 2021, could increase Aberdeen’s port-related economy from £1.5 billion per year to £2bn in 20 years’ time, according to a December 2013 study.

Representatives of Aberdeen Harbour Board and Scottish Enterprise were on hand to discuss the plans with the public at the city’s Union Square.

Ian Jessiman, a senior manager of the harbour board, said: “What today is all about is working with Aberdeen City Council and Scottish Enterprise and looking at the impact Nigg Bay will have on the wider areas around it like Torry, east Tullos, Altens, and the transport infrastructure that will serve the Nigg Bay development.

“What we are seeing with Nigg Bay is that there are areas the public obviously find important to them, particularly the Torry area, so we are looking at lessening the impact on those areas.

“We see the coast road as a key route into the harbour and into Nigg Bay going forward because that will then connect to the Western Peripheral Route and go round the city, so we’ll be able to draw more business to Nigg Bay. Today the public have been very positive. It’s an opportunity to bring both economic and public benefit.”

The consultation will continue at the Maritime Museum, Shiprow, until October 31.

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