Options appraisal begins into A83 Rest and Be Thankful improvements

An appraisal of eleven options to improve the resilience of the A83 Rest and Be Thankful is under way.

Options appraisal begins into A83 Rest and Be Thankful improvements

The potential options are being considered as part of Phase 1 of the second Strategic Transport Projects Review and, in parallel to this, a dedicated project team is being established to undertake more detailed environmental and engineering assessment, as well as stakeholder engagement.

This approach will support the publication of recommendations for a preferred route corridor with alignment options in spring 2021.

Work will begin on the next phase of catch pits in September. Proposals for further catch pits are being considered, and a new geotechnical survey of the site will be carried out.

Cabinet secretary for transport, infrastructure and connectivity, Michael Matheson, outlined the plans to members of the community and local elected representatives at a meeting of the A83 taskforce this morning.

Mr Matheson said: “I understand the frustration and disruption that landslips at the A83 Rest and Be Thankful bring for local communities and drivers.

“While our previous investment in catch pits has helped keep the road open for an estimated 48 days when it would otherwise have closed, I realise people are looking for a long term solution to dealing with landslips at the site.

“I have instructed officials at Transport Scotland to accelerate our work to consider alternative infrastructure options for the A83. A dedicated team will be established to do a more detailed assessment, in parallel with the Strategic Transport Projects Review. Stakeholders will be involved in this process and we will publish recommendations for a preferred corridor in Spring 2021.

“In the meantime, work will continue on the next catch pit and we will continue to consider further catch pits at the site. A new geotechnical survey of the hillside will also be carried out to build on the previous work that has been done.

“This work underlines the Scottish Government’s commitment to continued work with key stakeholders to ensure that Argyll & Bute remains open for business.”

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