Plans approved for 60 new homes in Guardbridge

Fife Council has approved plans to build 60 new homes at Moray Park in Guardbridge.

The development was approved by members of the North East Fife planning committee despite flood risk concerns from some locals about the site’s proximity to the River Eden and a reservoir.

Planning permission has been granted in principle for a 2.4-hectare site near the banks of Motray Water leading to the Riven Eden in the north east of the village.

Preparations for the development will include the demolition of a former pavillion which has lain disused for several years, The Courier reports.

Concerns were raised about the potential for harm to both the Motray Water and Eden Estuary Special Protection Area, which is a designated site of specific scientific interested, however, planning officers determined the new homes would have no direct impact.

William Shand, planning officer, said in his report: “Although the site is located adjacent to the Motray Water and a former reservoir, it is not at any significant flood risk.”

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