Plans approved for new flats at historical Glasgow city centre site

Plans approved for new flats at historical Glasgow city centre site

Glasgow City Council has approved plans to build 71 new flats to be built on the site of a B-listed building on Sauchiehall Street.

Under the plans by ADP Architecture on behalf of Consensus Capital, the building will be demolished, but its facades will be kept.

City councillors agreed that a complex containing 71 rental units — most of them studios — can be constructed at 520 Sauchiehall Street.

The site includes a vacant plot, previously occupied by The National Bank of Pakistan which was knocked down in 2008, and a two-storey, late 19th century B-listed building which extends from Sauchiehall Street to Renfrew Street. It has lain vacant for more than 10 years and was previously used as a bar/nightclub.

Planning officials had recommended approval of the application and their report explained: “Though the application under consideration was submitted in 2021, there has been delay in progressing the decision due to concern regarding previous iterations of the scale and massing presented.

“Consequently, the proposal has been through a process of revision to gain an appropriate form that responds to the townscape and heritage context of the site, whilst presenting a viable development scheme.”

As originally submitted, the proposal sought consent to deliver 87 units within a 14-storey building. The revised proposal now seeks to deliver 71 units, with an eight-storey building presented to Sauchiehall Street, and six storeys from ground level on Renfrew Street.

The flats will be of varying sizes, however there will be two duplex apartments, and three one-bedroom flats. There would be a central courtyards and ground floor commercial space is also provided, reGlasgow reports.

A number of the units are considered to fall within ‘co-living’ thresholds, which offer social living space with shared amenity facilities for residents under a single management arrangement.

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