Podcast: Shawfair and clean heating networks with Eoghan Maguire

Podcast: Shawfair and clean heating networks with Eoghan Maguire

Eoghan Maguire

“Technically heat networks aren’t really difficult. It is just large-scale plumbing. The heat’s already there, we’re just moving it.”

With the Scottish Government’s New Build Heat Standard now in force, the installation of ‘direct emission’ systems for heating for new build homes and other buildings is now banned in Scotland.

Effectively, this means any new build applying for a building warrant will not be able to use polluting heating systems like oil and gas boilers and instead be powered by alternatives like heat pumps and heat networks.

But, how do these clean heating systems operate? And is the industry prepared to meet the huge demand for skills that is coming its way?

Eoghan Maguire is director of heat networks – Scotland at Vattenfall Heat UK, a company that has formed a joint venture with Midlothian Council to deliver low-carbon heating to thousands of homes, education and retail properties at the new town of Shawfair.

Joining Kieran Findlay and Jimmy Black on the Scottish Housing News Podcast, Eoghan describes the challenges and benefits of incorporating the large-scale project, which he believes can be a catalyst for other heat networks across Scotland.

A transcript of this episode is available here.

Jimmy Black has written a blog to accompany the episode here.

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