Prioritised roads capital programme for Inverness approved

Prioritised roads capital programme for Inverness approved

Members of the Highland Council’s City of Inverness and Area Committee have agreed a list of prioritised programmes of works for structural overlay/inlay works and surface dressing schemes which will be funded out of the Capital Budget allocation for 2023/24.

Leader of Inverness and Area Cllr Ian Brown said: “Officers have worked hard to identify and target the areas in most need of requiring roads maintenance in Inverness area and this is reflected in the capital programme brought before us today. I would like to thank them for undertaking the difficult task they have in allocating the available resources.”

Following Members’ discussions of the proposed allocations at Ward level, Councillor Brown added: “We have years of under-developed roads; every Ward is struggling but we must decide the allocations within the resources available to us at Inverness area. If we want to change or increase the budget that would need to be decided at a meeting of the full Highland Council.”

The actual 2023/24 capital roads budget allocation for Inverness is still to be finalised but based on the previous financial year and analysis of road condition survey results it is expected to be like 2022/23.

This would give a capital budget allocation for Inverness area of £946,676 in total, consisting of £531,656 for overlay/inlay works and £415,020 towards surface dressing schemes for 2023/24.

Works for the Inverness area are identified based on a prioritised ranking. The ranking is informed by the Scottish Road Maintenance Condition Survey (SRMCS) data; safety inspections; service inspections; and input and feedback from Ward Members.

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