£4m expansion project fuels net-zero growth for Beal Group

Family-run commercial textile manufacturing business The Beal Group has completed an ambitious relocation and expansion project allowing for diversification into net-zero business growth opportunities.

£4m expansion project fuels net-zero growth for Beal Group

David Beal

With a £4 million injection of funding, part supported by Scottish Enterprise, the company has recently relocated to Cumbernauld creating 74,000 ft² of cutting-edge manufacturing space.

Occupying the former OKI factory site at Westfield, the company will create 20 quality new jobs and safeguard the future to increase the workforce to 85, with the expectation to create a further 25 jobs in the next year.

Established in Glasgow more than 40 years ago, the company specialises in manufacturing industrial textile products such as protective and customised covers for a range of sectors including construction, aviation, transport and military and defence. These range from covers for barbecues to jet engines. The company supported and supplied the NHS in the recent Covid pandemic and has supplied specialist safety net products for major construction and the oil and gas sector for over 30 years.

With new market opportunities opening up thanks to the increasing focus on sustainability, the company is diversifying to introduce new eco-friendly product lines including the manufacturing of sustainable re-useable covers which will replace the use of shrink wrap plastic commonly used in modular construction projects nationwide.

Visiting the new site in Cumbernauld to mark its official opening, Ivan McKee, minister for business, said: “The Scottish Government is fully committed to reaching net-zero emissions by 2045, it is great to see the Beal Group developing new innovations and building on enviable skills and strengths expanding their work at their newly opened site in Cumbernauld.

“Last week, as part of the National Strategy for Economic Transition, we set out five key priorities, within Scotland’s current powers, that we believe will deliver most impact in transforming Scotland into a fairer, greener and more prosperous country.”

The Beal Group managing director, David Beal, commented: “Our aim to ensure that we not only focus on innovation and outstanding product quality, but we remain dedicated to achieving our Net Zero vision. We thank Scottish Enterprise for their continued support.”

Their new customised product range includes protective reusable packaging products for the food, transport, engineering & industrial sectors.

Nick Shields, head of business services and advice at Scottish Enterprise, added: “It’s fantastic to see The Beal Group expand into the new manufacturing facility in Cumbernauld. We’re pleased to have been able to support the move and look forward to seeing the business go from strength to strength as it diversifies into new sustainable markets.”

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