PVP Developments starts work on Clydeside drive-thru development

Glasgow-based property developer PVP Developments has commenced the build of a new drive-thru complex on the Clydeside Expressway, with support from Bank of Scotland.

PVP Developments starts work on Clydeside drive-thru development

PVP Developments is a family-owned firm that has completed a number of residential and commercial projects over the past 15 years across Scotland. Some of its most recent developments include high street and out of town retail projects for a number of FTSE 100 companies.

This year, the firm got the go-ahead to commence the build of a new drive-thru on the Clydeside Expressway and is being supported by a significant development funding package from Bank of Scotland.

The drive-thru is intended to play a key role in helping to regenerate the site which has been vacant for over 20 years and will include Burger King and Starbucks outlets.

PVP Developments also has a keen focus on sustainability and the drive-thru will feature six high voltage electric charging stations to offset the facility’s carbon footprint and help promote the country’s continued transition to electric.

More than 50 jobs have been created to support the development, while the project is expected to be completed by May 2022.

PVP Developments starts work on Clydeside drive-thru development

Scott Friel, project manager PVP Developments, said: “Glasgow’s Clydeside has been undergoing a process of regeneration for over 15 years and we’re proud to be supporting the process with our new drive-thru development.

“On top of providing a boost for the local area, the new charging stations will have a positive impact on the environment and boost demand at the drive-thru, with sustainable options now growing in popularity.

“We’ve worked with Bank of Scotland for more than a decade now and their support has once again helped us to set our project in motion.”

Douglas Spowart, relationship director at Bank of Scotland, said: “PVP Developments’ new project is another boost for the Clydeside regeneration programme, with further investment committed to revitalise the area and build on the progress made already in the form of affordable housing and retail and leisure facilities.

“Not only will the development support the regeneration of the Clydeside, but it will also add to the city’s growing green credentials and create jobs for the local community. We’ve been happy to support PVP Developments with this venture and we’ll continue to stand by businesses in Scotland looking to make a positive local impact.”

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