Renewables contract agreement signed at Nigg Energy Park

Contract-signingA multi-million pound renewables contract has been signed which will allow Nigg Energy Park to develop into a multi-energy site.

Scheduled to commence in the Spring of 2018, the deal between Global Energy Group and Siemens aims to kick start the Port of Nigg being recognised as a key port in Scotland to attract renewables business.

With over £45 million invested in the upgrade and addition of deep-water quayside facilities, the contract will create in excess of 100 direct and indirect jobs, along with related supply chain opportunities.

Scottish Government’s new business, innovation and energy minister, Paul Wheelhouse, visited Nigg Energy park today to witness the signing of the contract.

He said: “Offshore renewables represent a huge opportunity for Scotland; an opportunity to build up new industries and to deliver on Scotland’s ambitious renewable energy and carbon reduction targets for 2020 and beyond.

“I am delighted that this multi-million pound contract between Global Energy Group and Siemens will enable Nigg Energy Park to develop into a genuine multi-energy site, securing around 100 direct and indirect jobs and associated supply chain opportunities. This contract arising from installation of the Beatrice Offshore Wind farm will provide a very welcome boost to the local economy in Ross-shire and the wider Highland Council area.

“The contract, furthermore, is an important milestone for the Port of Nigg, which has received more than £45m in investment since 2011 and is now well on its way to being recognised as one of Scotland’s key energy ports.

“The Scottish Government is developing a new, overarching Energy Strategy for Scotland, which means developing a ‘whole systems approach’. This approach will consider Scotland’s energy supply and consumption as equal priorities, and we will build a genuinely integrated approach to power, transport and heat.

“Our Strategy will make clear the Scottish Government’s strong commitment to the successful and sustainable development of Scotland’s offshore wind sector.”

Global Energy Group chairman, Roy MacGregor, said: “We have been working hard and invested huge amounts of money in developing Nigg Energy Park as a multi energy site. I am pleased our hard work is beginning to come to fruition and would like to thank these new partners for having the confidence in us to support this massive project over the coming years. Our hope is this new business relationship between us will lead to the support and development of other offshore wind farms, utilising Nigg’s extensive tailor made facilities and supporting capability. We truly hope this will be a long and successful business relationship.

“A lot of work has gone in by many people to take this work to Nigg and I do see this project, along with our ongoing work with Atlantis Resources on the wave and tidal turbines, and the suction anchors for Statoil’s Hywind project as being a major step in showing everyone that Nigg Energy Park and the Port of Nigg is a world class facility. It has the dry dock, deepwater quayside and berthing areas, along with the marine support capability and facilities to support our client’s requirements at many different levels.

“We very much look forward to working with Siemens to ensure the safe and professional delivery of this ground breaking offshore wind development which will see 84 Siemens 7MW turbines deployed, generating up to 588MW of power. I do believe this is only the start of what will be exciting times for offshore renewable energy in this country and I am happy and proud we will start to see the real benefits of our investment of over £45m since our purchase of Nigg in October 2011.

“I see this announcement as opening up Nigg as Scotland’s first major renewables hub and look forward to supporting the development and construction of other future wind farms throughout Scotland. I am sure we will see the considerable benefits to the local and wider economy will come through in jobs and supply chain opportunities over the coming years.”

Paul Cooley, director of generation development at SSE, said: “The Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Ltd (BOWL) partners were delighted to announce Financial Close on 23 May. Today’s announcement demonstrates BOWLs commitment to securing local contracts wherever possible during the construction and operational phases. We look forward to working closely with Global Energy Group and Siemens to deliver one of the largest private infrastructure projects ever undertaken in Scotland.”

Ray Thompson, head of business development, Siemens Wind Power UK, said: “Siemens is delighted to be able to sign this agreement today for the use of the Nigg facility. As the offshore wind industry faces continuing pressure to reduce costs to consumers, access to the right facilities is critical to the safe and efficient delivery of large projects, such as Beatrice.

“We are working hard to support the project to maximize the opportunities for local companies within the supply chain; today’s announcement is a further example of this commitment.

“The previous investment made in the facility means the offer they could make was compelling, and gives us an ideal location from which to base our component installations. We look forward to working in partnership with GEG, SSE and their project partners.”

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