River Clyde Homes exhibition moves from high-rise flats to local gallery

River Clyde Homes, the Inverclyde-based housing association, is pleased to announce that the Dark Side o’ The Clyde photographs that have been shown in high-rise flats in the Broomhill area of Greenock for the last three years are being collected and exhibited at The Beacon Arts Centre from Tue 17 April - Sat 26 May.

The photographs were shown as part of three consecutive Doors Open Days and attracted positive attention as part of the Broomhill regeneration. Now people have a chance to see the entire collection in its (largely) monochrome glory for the first time.

Many photographers avoid taking pictures at night as it’s one of the most challenging fields in photography but a project entitled ‘Dark Side o’ The Clyde’ revels in capturing the dark nooks and crannies of a shadowy, alternative side of Inverclyde.

Using modern cameras with old ‘legacy’ lenses, the inspiration for the project is based on the grainy images of Inverclyde from the 1930s. Many of the photographs highlight the beauty of the dark lamp-lit streets & lanes and the mystery behind the façade of derelict buildings & factories.

When the £26m Broomhill regeneration project began, River Clyde Homes wanted to capture the moment for posterity. Not just the physical changes to the buildings, but the strong, resilient community. We knew who we wanted and we’re privileged that the Dark Side agreed to the three-year undertaking.

As the project developed, elements of colour were introduced and, as the regeneration nears completion and the area goes from strength-to-strength, we’re proud to present these unique images of a revitalised neighbourhood.

Jenny Speck, a River Clyde Homes Board member and a Broomhill resident, said: “I remember thinking that the idea of turning a flat on the twelfth floor of a multi-storey block into a gallery was mad. But to my surprise each event was attended by a couple of hundred people who came to see the fantastic photographs and enjoy the views across the Clyde. To bring the collection together at The Beacon is great news and is a unique snapshot of the regeneration of the Broomhill area.”

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