Start-up entrepreneurs offered ‘privacy pod’ to de-stress at work

A Scottish company specialising in creating spaces that help people work more productively is launching a competition to win a stress-free residency in its Glasgow office.

Alpha Scotland, which opened a new state-of-the-art office overlooking the River Clyde earlier this year, is offering an entrepreneur free use of its “privacy pods”.

Start-up entrepreneurs offered ‘privacy pod’ to de-stress at work

The pods, and other innovative products, filter out background noise and aid concentration. This opportunity ties in with Stress Awareness Day which aims to highlight the importance of managing potential triggers for stress in the workplace and at home.

Paul Black, chief executive of The Alpha Group, of which Alpha Scotland is part, said: “Launching and growing a business is tough and there is no doubt that it’s becoming harder to concentrate in today’s workplace where there are so many distractions.  Our design and products counteract this and we are delighted to offer someone the opportunity to experience our unique environment.”

This is the second time the company has run the competition. Earlier this year journalist and broadcaster Paul English won the residency for self-employed home-workers in need of a change of scenery.

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