Thousands of workers denied toilet dignity in workplace, warns union

Union leaders are demanding that construction employers take action to ensure that workers are granted “toilet dignity” in the workplace.

A pan-industry campaign by Unite has highlighted construction as a sector with a particular problem.

Thousands of workers denied toilet dignity in workplace, warns union

The union’s research concluded that tens of thousands of workers in the UK either are not provided with decent toilets or have undue, unnecessary or officious restrictions placed on them when they attempt to use the facilities provided.

Examples on construction sites included a lack of female-only toilets, with women having to use unisex ones which are usually in a “disgusting condition”.

Elsewhere, a female construction worker reported that the women’s toilets were locked on her construction site and had to ask male colleagues for the key. Then when the key was obtained she discovered the toilet was being used for storage.

Unite is highlighting the problems experienced by workers today as it is World Toilet Day.

Assistant general secretary Gail Cartmail said: “It is simply disgraceful that in 2018 tens of thousands of UK workers are denied toilet dignity at work.

“The examples that Unite has revealed are simply staggering and it is clearly deeply humiliating for the workers who are being denied toilet dignity.

“Employers have got absolutely no excuse for ensuring toilet dignity and if they fail to do so they should be prosecuted by the HSE.

“Unite will not be passive on this issue, if workers are denied toilet dignity we will name and shame the guilty parties.”

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