Three Scottish photos shortlisted in RICS Infrastructure Competition

A view of the Forth Bridge, a snap of the Grangemouth oil refinery and a scene from the ongoing work at the new Queensferry Crossing have been shortlisted in the RICS Infrastructure Photography competition.

The UK-wide contest showcases the very best in infrastructure photography and was judged by Roma Agrawal, associate structural engineer at WSP, renowned architectural photographer Helene Binet, RICS president Louise Brooke-Smith and Alasdair Reisner chief executive at the Civil Engineering Contractors Association.

Runner Up Dylan Nardini - To and Fro

Runner up, ‘To and Fro’ by Dylan Nardini, features a shot on the Grangemouth oil refinery which judge Roma Agrawal said “captures the type of infrastructure we don’t see much of but yet are so completely dependent on”.

Alasdair Reisner added: “Here the photographer has strayed away from the obvious in to choose a subject that nonetheless forms part of our vital national infrastructure, and uses intelligent composition to take advantage of its geometric design and relation to the natural environment.”

Special Mention Dominic Smith - Forth Bridge

A special mention was given to Dominic Smith for his “atmospheric” take on the ‘Forth Bridge’ which, according to Agrawal, “tells a story of the many uses of the river, both old and new, while making intelligent use of light and scale”.

“The thing that drew me to this image was the counterintuitive scales of the objects presented. You have the massive Forth Bridge, a small person and a boat which are choreographed in an unusual composition,” added Reisner.

9th David Macmillan - Sparks on Bridge

Making up the Scottish trio was ‘Sparks on Bridge’ by David Macmillan which Reisner said was a great example of infrastructure in construction that “uses perspective and the sparks from construction activity to show the immense scale of this project”.

Roma Agrawal added: “Structures under construction always draw me, here we see a number of bridge piers with cranes and welding, a dynamic image which leaves the actual bridge when it comes to our imagination.”

The competition was won by Rita Testa’sDouble Travel’ which you can see alongside the other entries below.

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